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Jan 2022 - Feb 2022
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Whether you’re fishing, hunting, or simply spending time outside with family, not having access to a conventional dryer can be incredibly inconvenient. That’s why MobilDri was created. My task in this project was to create a series I created technical 2D illustration of the VersaDri MobilDri dryer product line. These product drawings would eventually be incorporated into the instruction manual.

I illustrated the Doc station, the central dryer, the gloves, boot and helmet dryer attachments. My approach was to create an aesthetically pleasing, non-intimidating line art that draws the user in. I believe a user manual is almost inconceivable without an illustration. Illustrations don't need translation. This reduces costs significantly, especially if the manual is to be produced multiple languages. The illustrations are exact resemblance of the products from the dimensions, location of the buttons down to the actual perspective that was been drawn. The user does not have to guess which part is which.

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The Lord Mayor Reflects is a not for profit organization based in London. Since 2017 it has served as not only a channel but also a repository for former Lord Mayors to share their insights and perspectives of their year in office.It has also dedicated itself to developing and promoting the talent of artists and artisans who not only enrich our personal lives with their work, but also add a dash of colour and meaning to the experience of the City of London.
I have been working as the official graphic designer of the brand since 2019 and these are some of the design projects I have handled for the brand.


Amicus is the University of Colorado Law School Magazine. In this project I worked in collaboration with Mountain to Sea Creative to design the 2022 Sprint Edition of Amicus Magazine. Before designing any magazine page layout, I usually start with storyboarding. This is a crucial step in my process, especially when working on a large project like this as it helps keep the entire composition organised.
In this design I experimented with 2 and 3 columns alternation. I always see columns and typography in general as my playground and mixing them up usually produce unexpected results that make my layouts stand out. The cover of this Edition was designed by Heather Greves of Mountain to Sea Creative.


CIE is the world’s largest manufacturer of intermodal chassis container trailers. It has revolutionized the chassis industry through laser metal cutting, robotic precision welds and a KTL powder coat paint system to prevent rust and corrosion. In this project I created a series of digital displays featuring the new product. The specs sheet and the brand assets were provided for this project. I created the concept of actual interaction between the chassis and shapes of similar geometry. This was used at the IANA 2021, Long Beach, Carlifornia.


This marketing brochure in an interpretation of the Creole Study research on the effectiveness of some antihypertensive drug combinations in African patients. The study was done in six African countries. The front page was conceptualised to provide an overview of the study and it’s geographical coverage. The overall goal of the project was to produce a marketing material easily digestible by doctors to guide their decisions when prescribing medications of this class of patients.

Scientific research findings are usually boring and uninteresting, populated with numbers and graphs with statistic parameters. My background in pharma sciences played a key role in the synthesis of the research facts and figures to create simple and clear infographics that highlights how the study backs the drug combination marketed by the Servier brand. I created two personas to represent two categories of black hypertensive patients and how the drug combinations could be tailored to their needs. This marketing material was used throughout the African market in 2020.

A collection of a few type based logos I worked on recently. A type-based or signature logo is your best bet if you want something timeless. Versatile, Simple, Minimal, Memorable. My design approach follows the standard principles of logo design. Simple, memorable, scalable and usable. I like to enforce minimalism from the start by always designing first in monochrome  without any effect, shadow or shades other than the single color selected. I can then continue to develop the design to simplify the lines and beef up the elements so the logo is a powerful visual, even in the smallest size. Designing in black and white always forces me to make bold decisions to choose the right typeface that really strikes the right tone for the brand.

Docking Station Solo

Docking Station with Dryers

Boot and Gloves Attachment

Air Flow Illustration

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